An American Start Up

Here in this barn (featured below), four friends started Rubicon Agriculture, and began thinking inside the box. By marrying established hydroponic methods with state of the art automation and LED lighting, Rubicon’s AgroBox is able to grow over an acre’s worth of fresh, nutritious vegetables in the space of 6 standard parking spots. 

Climate change is impacting all facets of modern life, particularly in the American West where the vast majority of American produce is grown. This supply chain stretches across the continent, leaving over 1500 miles from Farm to Plate.  By creating a year-round growing facility, Rubicon's AgroBox is a safe, reliable solution for sourcing nutritious produce, wherever you call home.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 2.17.58 AM.png

To make it all happen, we had to bring together some pretty diverse skill sets.


CEO Chris Moorman spent his early career in the rough and tumble commodity trading pits of New York and Chicago before finding his passion for sustainable agriculture during a year long trip around the third world. 


Systems CTO Erik Moorman served his country in the Navy on the USN Newport News before returning home to Indiana to utilize his extensive knowledge of closed circuit water systems in the agricultural field.


Jesse Robbins and Pat Burton were a pair of high flying young engineers in manufacturing, learning and utilizing automation technology in the manufacturing space that they would eventually come to apply to the growing process.