The AgroBox

Automated Hydroponic Growing Facility


The L3 (Living Learning Lab) is a modular STE(Ag)M classroom designed to allow students to experiment, fail and succeed. From botany to controls engineering, the L3 is hands-on multidisciplinary learning for the needs of tomorrow's workforce.  

MAX Grow

The name says it all. This AgroBox is designed to grow as much produce as possible. With Rubicon's Integrated Control Suite driving the action, you are providing your community with fresh, nutritious produce 365 days  a year. Grow Baby Grow!


Rubicon can design a custom AgroBox for any hydroponic application. Our engineering team will design a system that will satisfy any need with research grade precision. From pharmaceuticals to nutriceuticals and everything in between, Rubicon can help you grow. 

The Perks

Less FTP Miles

The AgroBox has few (or no) farm-to-plate (FTP) miles
vs. the US average of 1,500 FTP miles

Less Handlers

The AgroBox requires 1-2 handlers
vs. 7 handlers with traditional farming

Less Water Usage

AgroBox uses 10% of the H2O of conventional agriculture

No Chemicals

No pesticides or herbicides used to
grow in the AgroBox

More Growing Seasons

Grow year round with an AgroBox
vs. 1-2 growing seasons with traditional farming

Habitat Conservation

The AgroBox grows an acre's worth of produce in a
40ft shipping container... so save the trees!

Let's Grow In The Right Direction.