Inside Indiana Business

Inside Indiana Business wrote an awesome article about our operation. Thank you for your interest!

Hydroponics—growing plants without soil—isn’t a new concept. But converting that method to grow an acre’s worth of fresh produce inside a 40-foot shipping container with “God-like” control over temperature, light and pH—that is new, and it’s the mind-boggling capability of Greenfield-based Rubicon Agriculture. The young company, created by several recent Purdue University grads and a young Navy veteran, believes its AgroBoxes are the future of produce and a piece of the solution for food deserts. READ ON

Up & Growing

The Bryan High School AgroBox is up and growing! There were a few hiccups along the way, but that is to be expected the first time you ship a 15,000 pound AgroBox across the country. The Rubicon team was shown a little Omaha hospitality by Principal Aranda, with some tortas made by Bryan students! 

Shipping Container
modular hydroponics
shipping container hydroponics

After teaching up the teachers about the capabilities of the AgroBox, we got to planting. First crops up? Tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach!